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EMPOWER Sales is a Manufacturer's Representative Company serving California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Hawaii, Western Montana, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.  We specialize in Electric Motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Bearings, DC Motor Controls, Chains, Encoders and Factory Automation Components.

With over 25 years of experience serving Industrial Applications, Distributors and OEMs, EMPOWER Sales provides extensive coverage for our principals along with support to our distributors that sell their products.

For immediate assistance, please call 760-324-1555.  For a complete listing of EMPOWER Sales Representatives in your area, click here.
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Watch the video below to learn more about Marathon's new Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) SyMAX Motor!  EMPOWER Sales is the established the "SyMAX Expert" and we are ready to support your move to PMAC motors with Marathon.  Additionally we can help you pair your motors with the right VFDs that can run the special PMAC control algorithms.
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EMPOWER Sales News

EMPOWER Sales - Hitachi VFD Rep of the Year 2017

by EMPOWER Sales on 08/30/18

Per Bill Carroll, GM, EMPOWER Sales Agency Inc. 8/30/18: "Team EMPOWER, Thanks for your hard work. Last night, 8/29/18, at Hitachi Annual Sales Conference in South Beach, FL., we were recognized as the Hitachi VFD Rep of the Year 2017. I was given a beautiful trophy that we can show-off in the Palm Desert Office This was a Team effort. Special thanks to Don Ross, our Regional Manager, for his continued assistance."

Bonitron expands EMPOWER Sales Geographic Coverage to include WA and OR

by EMPOWER Sales on 07/23/18

Per Bill Carroll, GM, EMPOWER Sales Agency Inc., 7/23/18, we are pleased to announce that Bonitron has added to Washington and Oregon to our coverage area.  EMPOWER Sales now represents for Bonitron CA, NV, HI, UT, ID, OR, and WA.  Customers in Western OR and Western WA should consult with Alex Rank, based in Vancouver, WA., and  Customers in Eastern OR and Eastern WA should consult with Jason Herera, based in Coeur D'Alene, ID.  Learn how Bonitron has a "DC Bus Solution" for you at http://www.bonitron.com/ 

EMPOWER Sales - Adds Bonitron!

by EMPOWER Sales on 07/02/18

7/2/18 - Effective today, per Bill Carroll, EMPOWER Sales Agency Inc's GM, "we are excited to be once again representing Bonitron! EMPOWER Sales will be covering CA, NV, ID, HI, and UT.  Bonitron is clearly the industry leader in offering many products and custom solutions to DC Bus issues (too high, too low, and ride-thru). Please review http://www.bonitron.com/ and let us know how we can help."

Choose Dart over KB to avoid the "PHR HASSLE FACTOR!"

by EMPOWER Sales on 06/12/18

Dart provides PMDC controls that are immediately ready to run your PMDC motor.  There is no need to selectorder and connect a separate PHR (Plug-in HP Resistor). For an end USER to have to deal with a PHR issue is a complete inconvenience. "Selecting, ordering, and connecting" a PHR adds unnecessary costs to your business operation.

In addition, if a KB control is ordered, and either the Distributor, OEM, or USER forgets to order the PHR, this will create unnecessary downtime.

Even if a PHR is used with a KB control, it could be necessary to adjust the IR and CL anyway.  It cannot be a foregone conclusion that these settings would not need to be altered during the commissioning of the motor (why would KB still have these trim pots on their controls if they were not needed?).

Therefore, by selecting DART over KB in terms of not having to deal with a PHR issue, the convenience, lower cost, and potential of avoiding unnecessary downtime easily prevail.

Choose Dart over KB to avoid the "PHR HASSLE FACTOR!"

Foot Jones to the Rescue!

by EMPOWER Sales on 05/23/18

Per Bill Carroll, 5/23/18,  EMPOWER Sales Agency Inc., "Our Team recently got involved to rescue a large USER in No. California with one of our Distributor Partners to replace cycloidal gearmotors that were causing the USER too much downtime. Per the Plant's Maintenance Manager, 'at this point in my career, after having seen it all, I only trust Foot Jones In-Line Gearboxes in our plant.  I tried the others, including Sumitomo, and only Foot Jones can be counted on for dependable service.'"

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