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EMPOWER Sales is a Manufacturer's Representative Company serving California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Hawaii, Western Montana, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.  We specialize in Electric Motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Bearings, DC Motor Controls, Chains, Encoders and Factory Automation Components.

With over 25 years of experience serving Industrial Applications, Distributors and OEMs, EMPOWER Sales provides extensive coverage for our principals along with support to our distributors that sell their products.

For immediate assistance, please call 760-324-1555.  For a complete listing of EMPOWER Sales Representatives in your area, click here.
EMPOWER Sales ® 74998 Country Club Drive, Suite 220-258, PALM DESERT, CA 92260    Phone: 760-324-1555
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Watch the video below to learn more about Marathon's new Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) SyMAX Motor!  EMPOWER Sales is the established the "SyMAX Expert" and we are ready to support your move to PMAC motors with Marathon.  Additionally we can help you pair your motors with the right VFDs that can run the special PMAC control algorithms.
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EMPOWER Sales News

Announcement: EMPOWER Sales Agency, Inc. – Enters into a new Rep Agreement with Exmek

by EMPOWER Sales on 05/06/21

Per Bill Carroll, President, EMPOWER Sales Agency, Inc., April 30, 2021, “we are pleased to announce our new association with Exmek, a Motor Manufacturer of Small Stepper, DC Brushless, Solar Tracking Gearmotors, Linear Actuator, Servo Motors, and Frameless Motors.  Exmek offers other special, small Sub-FHP motor designs, as well.  EMPOWER’s Protected Sales Territory will be AK, WA, OR, MT, ID, UT, NV, AZ, NM, CA, and HI. Exmek, a Chinese Motor Manufacturer, has a North America Sales Partner, IMS – International Motion Supply, that will enable our customers to work with an 'American Supply Chain' out of Minnesota. Learn more by visiting exmek.com"

Twitter & Facebook

by EMPOWER Sales on 01/11/21

For Immediate Release: Jan. 11, 2020, Per Bill Carroll, President, EMPOWER Sales Agency Inc., "We are immediately terminating our Company Twitter Account. This is our Final Tweet. All Americans are guaranteed a Free Right to Speech per the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution. Although the First Amendment pertains to the Government, today's two largest Social Media Companies -- Twitter and Facebook, act as Social Media Monopolies. These two companies act as "solely owned highways" for instant communication from individuals and companies. These should be open, free highways to communicate on. Both Twitter and Facebook now want to filter news, thoughts, and communications based upon their political ideology. If someone has something to say, and they don't like it, they want to censor the message or shut off (suspend) your account. We firmly disagree with Censorship of any kind, and firmly support open free speech. Based on this reason, we are done with Twitter and Facebook. We certainly hope that the advertisers that create the revenue streams for Twitter and Facebook feel the same way, and stop using either company for their advertisements."

Going forward, we will drive our own Company News by better updating our website and more effectively utilizing email correspondences.

Dart: EMPOWER Sales - Alaska

by EMPOWER Sales on 09/08/20

Per Bill Carroll, GM of EMPOWER Sales Agency, Inc., July 17, 2020, "We are pleased to announce that one of longest tenured lines, Dart Controls, has expanded our sales coverage for Dart into Alaska. Presently, EMPOWER Sales has multiple Principal Agreements for Alaska Sales Coverage. We believe that we can utilize our knowledge of the Alaskan market and customer relationships to grow Dart's business in Alaska. We also thank Mark Lewis, VP Sales, Dart Controls, for his confidence in our Organization and for this excellent Opportunity."

EMPOWER Sales signs New Agreement: BLOCK USA

by EMPOWER Sales on 09/08/20

Per Bill Carroll, EMPOWER Sales Agency's GM, , "Effective June 20, 2020,  EMPOWER Sales Agency, Inc. has signed a contract with a Germany based company, BLOCK USA, to be their Manufacturer's Representative for WA, OR, ID, So. CA., So. NV, HI and AZ. BLOCK is a leading manufacturer of transformers, power supplies, circuit breakers, reactors and EMI filters and has a reputation for setting standards worldwide. Block fills a big void on our line card with its product lines. We look forward to a long term association.  

Exciting New Product Launch from Dart

by EMPOWER Sales on 01/21/20

Dart has released the new 153D-PB, NEMA 4X enclosed DC drive with integrated digital speed pot.  Many customers have asked for this – it is finally here and ready to ship!  Please see attached information to add to your Dart web offering.  Please share with your team – this product should be mentioned by all salespeople when discussing a DC drive for sub-fractional through 2HP DCPM motors.  Here’s why:


·         We know customers want an accurate, repeatable speed setting.  The proof is our DP4 digital pot sales, which continue to grow exponentially

·         NEMA 4X standard covers just about all applications

·         Can be branded for OEM’s

·         Supports 120VAC/90VDC motor applications, and both 240VAC/90VDC and 240VAC/180VDC motor applications

·         Full complement of adjustments – MIN and MAX speed, IR COMP speed regulation, CURRENT LIMIT protection, ACCEL and DECEL

·         Fuse included

·         Can be configured for power up at ‘0’ or ‘Last’ speed setting

·         Digital speed setting accuracy and repeatability, in 0.1% increments

·         UL/CSA Listed

There is a video at this link:  https://youtu.be/WRO3fkk3Dy8

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